Measuring Statistical Dispersion with the Gini Coefficient

The Gini coefficient is a good general-purpose measure of statistical dispersion. This post includes a thorough mathematical explanation of the Gini coefficient as well as a few non-standard use cases.

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How to Gather Data from YouTube

You can mine YouTube's massive content library for many different types of data. This post provides instructions for obtaining the videos themselves, the video transcripts, as well as YouTube search results.

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Past and Upcoming Events

Check out Kimberly's past and upcoming events along with links to conference materials and meeting recaps.

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Math Applications

Accuracy, Precision, and Recall — Never Forget Again!

Designing an effective classification model requires an upfront selection of an appropriate classification metric. This posts walks you through an example of three possible metrics (accuracy, precision, and recall) while teaching you how to easily remember the definition of each one. Read More ›

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