data · web scraping – Web Scraping

Let's Scrape the Web: PyCon 2020 Video Tutorial

Kimberly Fessel Blog Developing web scraping skills allows you to save time and to broaden your access to data. This tutorial covers web scraping with Python from the basics of HTML to the full scraping pipeline. Read More ›

nlp – NLP

Level Up: spaCy NLP for the Win

Kimberly Fessel Blog spaCy provides an easy-to-use framework for getting started with NLP. This post covers the basics of spaCy and highlights its functionality on a small corpus of restaurant reviews.. Read More ›

mathematics – Math Skills

Math for Data Science: An Interview with Course Report

Kimberly Fessel Blog Math skills are critical for a successful career in data science. Find out why in this interview with Course Report. Read More ›

visualizations · puzzles – Math Puzzles

Down and Up: A Puzzle Illustrated with D3.js

Kimberly Fessel Blog Math puzzles provide great amusement for some people, but many others approach them with dread--especially during interviews. Such trepidation may be unwarranted, however, because a simple visual--like the ones illustrated in this post--could be all you need to find a solution. Read More ›

data · web scraping – Data

How to Gather Data from YouTube

Kimberly Fessel Blog You can mine YouTube's massive content library for many different types of data. This post provides instructions for obtaining the videos themselves, the video transcripts, as well as YouTube search results. Read More ›

algorithms · literature reviews – Reviews

5 Significant Object Detection Challenges and Solutions

Kimberly Fessel Blog Object detection problems pose several unique obstacles beyond what is required for image classification. Five such challenges are reviewed in this post along with researchers' efforts to overcome these complications. Read More ›

algorithms · literature reviews – Reviews

A Beginner's Guide to Object Detection

Kimberly Fessel Blog This post covers the basics of object detection: what it is, various approaches to it, the measurements used to judge its results, along with a few important considerations of modern object detection. Read More ›

visualizations – Data Visualization

Simple Ways to Improve Your Matplotlib

Kimberly Fessel Blog Matplotlib's default properties often yield unappealing plots that can be off-putting to many users. This post offers several simple ways to improve upon these defaults and help spruce up basic Matplotlib visualizations. Read More ›

mathematics · visualizations – Math Puzzles

Solving the Birthday Problem on Mars

Kimberly Fessel Blog The birthday problem is a classic probability question with a surprising result. In this post, we will solve this puzzler and extend the result by considering the answer for every planet in our solar system. Read More ›