PyGotham TV 2020

PyGotham 2020
October 2020

Scaled It! Three Contestants Attempt to Reduce Computational Time

PyOhio 2020

PyOhio 2020
July 2020

Great Scott! Delorean for
Datetime Manipulation in Python

Presentation Video

PyCon 2020

PyCon 2020
April 2020

It's Officially Legal
so Let's Scrape the Web

Tutorial Video

ODSC East 2020

ODSC East April 2020
April 2020

Level Up:
Fancy NLP with Straightforward Tools

Presentation Slides

Demystifying Data Science 2019

DDS July 2019
July 2019

Introduction to Python

Colab Notebook


ODSC June 2019
June 2019

Custom Data Visualizations with Python

Colab Notebook

Talks, Podcasts, and Meetups

Real Python Podcast June 2020
June 2020

Real Python Podcast

OSU December 2019
Dec 2019

Invitations to Industry at OSU

AMA June 2019
July 2019

Ask Me Anything about the Math Needed for Data Science

AMA June 2019
June 2019

Ask Me Anything about Transitioning to Data Science from Academia

Recap Blog