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Delorean for Datetime Manipulation

Working with dates and times in Python can lead to frustration, heartache, and, ironically, lost time – but it doesn’t have to! This brief demo introduces Delorean, a library constructed to make datetime manipulation in Python easier.

This year’s pandemic necessitated different conference formats for data science professionals. The organizers of PyOhio decided to ask speakers to create 5- or 10-minute pre-recorded talks to be streamed continuously while participants discussed the content in a live chat session. The format was a success! And I am proud to have created this video all about the Python library Delorean.

Delorean makes working with datetimes in Python much less of a burden. Its simple syntax allows users: to do datetime arithmetic, to handle time zone shifts, to convert datetimes into human language like “3 days ago,” and to generate equally spaced datetime intervals.

Check out my video for a look at Delorean (along with many, many Back to the Future references) or watch the full PyOhio 2020 conference playlist on YouTube.